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Side Sliding Industrial Framed Doors LT

Side Sliding Industrial Framed Doors (ISFD)

Ryterna offer industrial side sliding framed doors (ISFD) for almost every application from a simple doorway size right up to aircraft hangar size.
All sliding doors are made to measure and designed individually for specific applications. Most doors can be fitted either inside or outside the aperture.

Our insulated industrial side sliding doors are double skinned steel sandwich construction for extra strength and stability. Both electrical and manual operation of the door up to the choice. Manual operation is an easy task regardless of door size. The sliding door mechanism is simple, sturdy and reliable.


Industrial Garage Door Operators

RYTERNA industrial doors are designed to work as manually, as well electrically operated. They are applicable to operators of most well-known manufacturers and provides you optimal operating comfort, efficiency and safety.

  • 2 remote controls as a standard.
  • ‘Rolling code’ technology – to improve security.
  • Reliable mechanical self-locking system.
  • Automatic reverse on contact to obstacle.
  • Simple programming.
  • Cable release in case of power failure.
  • Quite to operate, incl. soft start/soft stop.
  • Simple to install.