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Industrial Doors BIM Library

BIM (Building Information Modelling) is a process, during which a project of a particular construction is developed with the use of the BIM models of used objects and design elements. Every such independent part of the structure is described with the use of a 3D model and a set of data about its properties.
RYTERNA Industrial Doors BIM files are compatible with “Autodesk Revit 2016” and newer. After downloading the necessary Revit family file (*.rfa), you can load it into your project using Revit command Load family. For RYTERNA Industrial Doors files it is best to use the tool “Doors”. Doors can be only hosted on walls therefore, you should have wall already placed in the project.


For the right use of chosen RYTERNA Industrial Doors model, you have to set values to the parameters.

Parameter name Possible value limits Description
Height up to 6000 mm For “TLP LHR-FM” and “TLP LHR-RM” up to 5030 mm.
Width up to 8000 mm For “TLP LHR-RM” up to 6000 mm.
Slab slope 0 to 45 Horizontal tracks angle. For “TLP LHR-FM” max is 30. Not available for “TLP VL” and “TLP LHR-RM”.
Clearance zone On/Off Space capacity required for the door.
Door type of color material list The list of RAL colors for panels, where R by default is selected RAL 9016 color.
Lower Mounted Shaft On/Off Available only for “TLP VL” and for “TLP HL” with the “slab slope” parameter set to “0”.
HD min 800 mm Headroom size. Available only for “TLP HL”.
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