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    Sectional industrial doors


    Sectional industrial doors (TLP) is the most versatile type of the door.
    Made of 40 mm thick panels sectional doors are insulated, robust, easy to maintain and safe to operate. We can manufacture all track types including custom made. The standard torsion spring lifetime is 25,000 cycles. But for heavy duty and super heavy duty doors available 50,000 and 100,000 cycles lifetime springs. In addition to extra-large doors, we can use direct drive gear without springs.

    Sectional Industrial Doors Panels Design

    Standard panels

    Sectional industrial doors standard panels – RIB and MACRORIB surface have standard ‘Stucco’ pattern

    Sectional industrial RIB doors are available in 12 standard colors

    RAL 1015 and RAL 9005 available just in a woodgrain pattern.

    Sectional industrial MACRORIB doors are available in 3 standard colors

    Other painted RAL colors available on request.

    Panels options

    Despite – standard RIB and MACRORIB panels we can offer a full range of panels that will – make Your door look exceptional and match the style.

    Sectional Industrial Doors Windows

    3 types of windows – round, oval and rectangular are available. Double acrylic glazing with plastic frame – as a standard.

    For more stylish effect – stainless steel windows with one layer, or double safety glass – upon request. Stainless steel frames painted RAL colors are available.

    Pass and Side Door

    Side doors are made according to the style and parameters of the panels, including aluminum frames and glazing.
    When an additional entry is required and there is no space for the side door, — the pass door could be an option. As a standard, wicket doors are supplied with a door closer, lock and handle. You can choose either standard or a version with a low threshold which is more convenient to pass through.
    Standard opening sizes 800 mm wide and 1900-2300 mm high depending on the door layout. Max wicket door opening width 1200 mm (consult manufacturer about the possibility for wide doors).
    Pass door in TLP door is factory pre-assembled with lock and sliding door closer. Options with magnetic or mechanical pass door closure switch, various anti-panic lock options are factory pre-installed on request. Pass doors can be made in double skinned sandwich panels or full vision aluminum panels. Also in various combinations of them.
    For additional security – 3 point lock is optional.


    Industrial Garage Door Operators

    RYTERNA industrial doors are designed to work as manually, as well electrically operated. They are applicable to operators of most well-known manufacturers and provides you optimal operating comfort, efficiency, and safety.